Kevin Durant admits to still using burner accounts

Kevin Durant is one of the best basketball players in the world but one thing he cannot get past is using burner accounts on social media to defend himself against internet trolls.

Back in 2017, Durant forgot to switch his account when responding and that was how he got found out. Durant appeared on an episode of ESPN's "The Boardroom" and explained that he had created the accounts so he could communicate with his family freely.

“I wasn’t used to that amount of attention, you know, from playing basketball. I wanted a place where I can talk to my friends without anybody just butting in my conversations or mixing my words or taking everything out of context because I enjoyed that place.

… I had an Instagram account that I just use for my friends and family. Like, it’s a cool place for me just to be me instead of worrying about Bleacher Report or Barstool mixing up anything I want to say.”

Despite getting ridiculed to no end, KD said he will still use burner accounts. Appearing on an episode of Matt Barnes' and Stephen Jackson's "All the Smoke" podcast admitted he would.


KD should not care about what anyone thinks. He's rich, one of the best basketball players in the world, and a two-time NBA Finals MVP. He doesn't have to defend himself to anybody but he feels like he does.

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