Welcome to speculation week in the NBA: Top trade rumors...

The NBA Trade Deadline is on Thursday @ 3pm and we can guarantee you, leading up to that moment, you will hear a LOAD of trade rumors. Here are a few that are already percolating.

We'll start locally with the Magic, who are in desperate need of some offense. This is the one making its way around the internet as we speak...(rumors in italics)

The Orlando Magic have reportedly discussed trading Aaron Gordon, per Woj "I think, for Orlando, if there's a significant return, I think they would be open to it. But I don't know if that deal is out there."

The Warriors are listening to offers on D’Angelo Russell

The Miami Heat are among teams who have expressed interest in Danilo Gallinari

The Rockets are shopping Capela in trades with Eastern Conference teams -- particularly three-way trades that might allow Houston to nab the draft assets to get an impact wing player.

Trevor Ariza could be on the move, several teams, including the Heat have expressed interest.

The Cavs have not received a lot of interest for over-priced forward Kevin Love

Dennis Smith Jr. has drawn some interest, according to sources. The Timberwolves reportedly have interest. One NBA source told The Post that the Magic have inquired.

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Orlando Magic v Charlotte Hornets

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