Podcast: The meteoric rise of Joe Burrow

Many UCF fans remember the hit on Joe Burrow by Joey Connors two years ago in the Fiesta Bowl after he threw his pick 6. From that point on, Burrow has just continued to dominate the competition. So much so that he has gone from a quarterback who was ranked in the 60's to potentially the No. 1 rated quarterback in the country and the future No. 1 NFL Draft pick.

Kravitz explains why only former UCF quarterback Blake Bortles comes to mind over the last 10 years of quarterbacks who have gone from barely talked about to a high draft in next year's draft.

Austin Gayle also talked about how much Joe Burrow has improved over the course of a year and what can be attributed to his growth.

Austin was live out at the Senior Bowl and discussed everything going on out in Mobile, Alabama and he also shared who he likes in the Super Bowl. You can catch it all in the podcast below.

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