WATCH: Odell Beckham Jr. hands out cash after national championship win

The start of the national championship game had LSU fans concerned as they were down 17-7 about halfway through the second quarter. Than things took a turn for the better for LSU has they would rattle off 21 unanswered and outscore Clemson 35-8 over the final two and a half quarters en route to a 42-25 win.

Of the celebrities and alumni who were in attendance for the game, LSU alum Odell Beckham Jr. was the most flamboyant after the win.

All that celebrating is fine-and-dandy until the cash started flowing.

It is not every day you see NFL stars handing out cash to college athletes, especially in plain sight with a bunch of cameras filming.

It will be interesting to see if any sort of punishment or backlash comes from this as college athletes accepting money is against the rules.

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