Jeopardy to Play Greatest of All-Time Show w/ Three Best Players EVER!

Three storied competitors come together to face each other head to head to head. This might be the greatest episode of Jeopardy of all-time.

The Contestants

James Holzhauer swept up money and fans during his huge run in Jeopardy last year.He went on a 32 game win streak winning over $2.7 million during that streak.

Ken Jennings holds the longest win streak in Jeopardy history at 74 wins and won $2.5 million during his Jeopardy run.

Brad Rutter was a college dropout who came to Jeopardy fame. He has never lost a Jeopardy match to a human opponent. In his time including special tournaments, he has won over $4 million.

The Greatest of All-Time show will air Tuesday January 7th.

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