Tacko Fall is in the Top 10 in NBA All-Star Voting

Listen, I get it. Tacko Fall is a big deal.

I mean he gets the loudest reaction every time he steps on the court! It's because he's a lovable giant and now that the world is starting to get to know him, apparently Tacko is on his way to being an NBA All-Star.

The NBA put out on Twitter Thursday the current NBA All-Star voting totals and finding his way to No. 6 for the Eastern Conference front court is the UCF star, Tacko Fall.

Obviously, it's a bit strange considering Tacko Fall has played in a total of three games for the Celtics, but the fans want what the fans want, and the fans want Tacko.

Danny White is even calling upon the UCF Twitter Mafia to get Fall into the All-Star game.

We agree with him! Go vote for Tacko!

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