Game-Winning Shot Leads to Spike in Donations

It was the second MAJOR upset on the young season in college basketball. First, you had Evansville upset Kentucky a couple weeks ago, and then on Tuesday night you saw Stephen F. Austin pull off the upset against Duke.

While that was a major story, it should be the secondary storyline in the grand scheme of things.

The SFA player who hit the game-winning shot, Nathan Bain, started a GoFundMe page a couple months ago to try and help his family rebuild after Hurricane Dorian came through and nearly destroyed his family's house and before the shot, he was around $2,000 with a goal of $25,000. Since the shot, he had upped the goal to $50,000 and that amount was still surpassed.

The game-winning shot was hit Tuesday night and as of 4 p.m. Wednesday (the next day), donations had hit more than $70,000.

Looks like Nathan Bain hit more than just a game-winning shot.

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