A Win Sunday Won't Save Jason Garrett's Job, but it's a Start

Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys and Patriots don't play often. In fact, since 1971, these teams have played each other 12 times with the Cowboys winning the first seven.

The Patriots seem vulnerable for the first time in nearly 20 years seeing as Tom Brady is in his 42, the run game has been wildly inconsistent, they are dealing with injuries on the offensive line and at wide receiver, and they are on their third kicker this season. In a shocker just a few weeks ago, Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens asserted dominance over the Patriots which is something that has not been seen in a long time.

Despite all that, the Cowboys head up as 6.5-point underdogs and it isn't because they are less talented. The reason is the Cowboys are underdogs at all with the amount of talent they have, is because of one word.


Jason Garrett is 83-63 since taking over on an interim basis back in 2010 for Wade Phillips. Through the nine full years of coaching, Garrett has only two playoff wins despite having tons of talent throughout his coaching tenure. He was even able to survive three straight 8-8 seasons to start his time as the coach before winning the division and beating the Lions in 2014 before the infamous 'Dez catch/no catch' controversy in Green Bay.

A closer look at Garrett's record shows why Cowboys' fans are not confident, nor happy, with him leading the way. Against teams with winning records through 2018, Jason Garrett was 25-43 and that's before losses this year against the Saints, Packers, and Vikings while sprinkling in a win against the Eagles in that. Looking at his counterpart on Sunday, Bill Belichick through 2018 was 107-63. Let that sink in for awhile.

You can look at his entire career and say that Jason Garrett has been on the seat. This years is different since he doesn't have any more years on his contract after this one but the potential of him being jobless after this year still remains.

There's only one way for Jason Garrett to save his job, and it isn't even a Super Bowl win. All he needs to do is make a deep playoff run. Win more than one game and prove you can beat teams with winning records.

A win in Foxboro is a great start. It won't save him by any means but it is a step in the right direction.

One thing is for certain, though. You can always count on Jason Garrett to be clapping, chewing his gum, and at some point during the game have a blank look on his face.

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