Thursday Night Football Breaks Down Into Helmet Swinging Brawl

Thursday Night Football was going as normally as ever. Steelers were down, Browns were having a good game, nothing crazy. Then in the fourth quarter the camera cuts to Myles Garrett walloping Mason Rudolph WITH HIS OWN HELMET. A scene that was straight out of WWE ensued.

Upon further review of the fight, Mason Rudolph clearly is the one who started the helmet pulling. He just wasn't able to get Garrett's off. Garrett then was able to remove Rudolph's helmet and as he was being separated from Rudolph and words were being said, he took the helmet and smashed right into Rudolph's head.

Rudolph seemed unfazed. I think Rudolph needs to take a lesson from the NBA and learn to flop.

As for Garrett, people are calling for a monumental suspension.

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