The Monday Night Football Cat Has Become an Instant Star

Halloween was last week but that did not stop a black cat from running onto the field at MetLife Stadium during the Monday Night Football game between the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants. With the Giants up 9-3 in the second quarter, play was stopped for some time after a black cat had run onto the field.

The delay lasted about two minutes but the Giants luck would change for the rest of the game. The Cowboys would outscore the Giants by a score of 34-9 over the final two and a half quarters and win the game 37-18.

So it's only obvious that the cat gets some of the credit, right?

Not only does the cat get credit, try a mini-documentary.

Maybe the Cowboys should track down this cat and bring him everywhere with the team since they played so well after he ran on the field.

The Cowboys play the Vikings on Sunday Night Football in Dallas. Don't be surprised if another "random" black cat runs onto the field.

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