Zion's Injury Doesn't Just Affect the Pelicans

Utah Jazz v New Orleans Pelicans

Six to eight weeks is the time that Zion Williamson is expected to miss after having surgery on his knee. He will become the fourth player to miss the start of his rookie season with the previous three (Ben Simmons, Blake Griffin, and Greg Oden) all missing their entire rookie seasons.

Stan Van Gundy explains why the injury doesn't just affect the Pelicans, but the impact it has on the entire NBA, "I think it's a fairly big blow. I think this is a season that fans have been very excited about because of the wide open nature of the league. There's no clear-cut favorite, the Warriors dynasty is not there right now and the arrival of Zion Williamson who is the most hyped player and for good reason. There's just a lot of good things going on to get people excited and this news was a bit of a downer."

Stan also discusses the outlook of the Magic season and says this team can win over 47 games as long as the team can stay healthy the way they did last year.

Catch the entire SVG interview below.

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