Thought-Provoking Daily Poll: Did James O'Connor Deserve to be Fired?

Another year, another disappointing finish for Orlando City SC. A season that started with hopes ends with the search of a new head coach. Since joining the MLS in 2015, the Lions have gone through three head coaches, with each lasting roughly about a year and a half.

It is difficult to implement what you're trying to accomplish as a coach with such little time to get things done but if you aren't winning, it's difficult to justify keeping a coach. Also, a 5-2 drubbing at home in the season finale where the fans are booing also makes it nearly impossible for a team to keep a coach.

Orlando City's best came in their first year in the MLS when they finished with 44 points but since then, it's been downhill. Is it the coach's fault? Management's fault? Player's fault? It's hard to pinpoint but James O'Connor in this case is the one that's out of a job.

Is it fair? Did he deserve to get fired?

Vote on the poll below.

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