Daily Poll: Should UF be Ranked No. 1 if They Beat Auburn, LSU, and UGA?

Louisiana Tech Bulldogs v University of Florida Gators

The SEC is known as the best conference in college football. Teams in the conference tend to get favorable ranks in the polls because of what the SEC is known for. Teams like Georgia, LSU, Auburn, and Alabama are always among the top ranked schools in the country.

Florida used to be among those teams but have had a bit of a drop off in recent years. The Gators started this year ranked inside the top 10 and have had no problems with the beginning of their schedule thus far. Over the next month, they will face No. 7 Auburn, at No. 5 LSU, and in Jacksonville against No. 3 Georgia with a game at South Carolina in between LSU and Georgia.

Given the reputation of the SEC, should the Gators be ranked No. 1 if they can win all four of those games? They sit at No. 10 currently before the stretch of games.

Vote on the poll below.

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