Tennessee Shirt Goes Viral

It was college colors day at an elementary school in Altamonte Springs. The student, who was not named, was a huge Tennessee fan but did not have a Tennessee shirt to wear. So he improvised.

The student had an orange shirt and decided to write "UT" on a piece of paper and pinned it to his shirt.

According to his teacher, Laura Snyder, the student came back to the classroom after lunch crying because he was being made fun of for his shirt. Laura posted this story on her Facebook page and it made its way to Tennessee.

Tennessee decided to not only respond by sending the entire elementary school items for class, but they also put the original paper design on a shirt that is featured in the VolShop.

According to the Tennessee director of media relations, Tyra Haag, the presale of the shirt had over 16,000 orders and they will be donating all the proceeds to the nonprofit STOMP Out Bullying.

We love sports and the rivalries but sometimes it's just bigger than sports.

Well done, Tennessee!

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