Give Me More Of The MLS Skills Challenge!

This year Major League Soccer announced that they were going to be bringing a new event to the all star festivities, the MLS Skills Challenge. And boy did it deliver, especially if you are a fan of the Lions.

When the MLS All-Star Game announced to be coming to Orlando I was sold, and then when they announced the skills challenge I was in the bag ready to buy my ticket. 3 different squads, representing Orlando City SC, MLS, and Athletico Madrid would be facing off in a series of challenges.

Each round featured a different event: shooting, touch and volley, and passing.

The crowd was very Orlando City-centric so when it ended up that the Lions needed 25 points in the final seconds of the passing event, Nani was sure to deliver.

Check out a recap of all the highlights below:

With the MLS Skills Challenge being such a success I was thinking of some other events MLS could add in the years to come.

  • Crossbar Challenge: This is basically what became of the passing round but lets be real they could be two separate things
  • Hardest Shot: This already exists in hockey, just stick someone with a speed gun behind the goal and see who has the strongest foot in the league

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