Thought-Provoking Daily Poll: Open Mike Most Memorable Moment

It is always fun taking a look back at some of the most memorable moments in a sports year. The Mikeys give you a chance to vote on what you think has been the most memorable.

Was it Steve Spurrier discussing the bailout of the AAF provided by Carolina Hurricanes owner Tom Dundon? Just two weeks in the Alliance of American Football was struggling with payroll and Dundon came in and became majority owner. While the AAF didn't finish the season, Dundon rescuing the league after just two weeks is a very memorable moment.

Danny White has stood strong in his belief that the AAC does not need to schedule 2-for-1s with Power 6 opponents. He was Open Mike and said just that, "It's a precedent I don't like seeing being set in our conference for schools to do a lot higher volume of 2-for-1s. We haven't as a conference been that kind of place. We've been successful, historically, of getting home-and-homes with Power 6 opponents and I like to see our conference peers continue to do that as we intend to do." That was said after USF scheduled 2-for-1s with Miami (FL) and Alabama.

Nobody likes getting fired but Orlando City's firing of Jason Kreis was especially hard. Kreis said he and his wife, "likened it to grieving after a death". The firing is memorable because of the way it was done. Kreis said he was blindsided because just a few weeks prior, he was assured that management would stick to the rebuilding plan.

Stan Van Gundy is a weekly guest on Open Mike. During the holiday season, Stan came to the studios dressed as Santa Claus and read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas" to a studio full of fans. It was a very magical moment for all.

What's say you? What do you think should win the Mikey for Most Memorable Moment? Vote on the poll below.

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