The Rockets Made a Mistake Trading for Russell Westbrook

James Harden and Chris Paul were supposed to lead the Rockets to an NBA Finals. Expectations were so high for the team coming into the 2018-19 season the team fell short, losing to the Warriors in the conference semi-finals.

Harden and Paul's relationship during the season started to become rocky and rumors began to swirl as the season came to a close. CP3 asked for a trade and he finally got his wish (although he may not be done moving).

Now onto the current Rockets team of James Harden and Russell Westbrook. Two guys who love to handle the ball for a majority of the shot clock. Two guys who jack up a ton of shots per game. Will they be able to coexist?

I'm not so sure. There is only one ball to go around. Who is going to take a back seat to the other? Will Westbrook concede to Harden since this is Harden's team? Only time will tell.

If James Harden couldn't make it work with a pass-first point guard, how is he supposed to make it work with a ball-dominant point guard?

Am I the only person who thinks this won't work?

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