Florida Tales- We All Love Ice Cream...CLEAN Ice Cream!

I love ice cream. You love ice cream. We all love ice cream.

What we don't love is ice cream that's been opened and wiped with boogers. That's what happened at an ice cream shop in Indian Shores, Floirda.

A Florida woman was arrested after police say she tampered with ice cream and an ice cream maker at Lu Lu's Ice Cream Shop in Indian Shores on multiple occasions. Jung Soon Wypcha was captured on surveillance camera footage using a restroom inside the shop with the door wide open.

After using the bathroom, she walked over to a freezer where containers of organic ice cream were being stored. She opened the tubs of ice cream and stuck her hands in them, then picker her nose and stuck her dirty fingerse back into the ice cream.

You can check out the rest of the story here.

I love my ice cream, but please hold the boogers.

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