Thought-Provoking Daily Poll: What was this weekend's biggest story?

It has been a busy weekend for state of Florida teams. Orlando City started their MLS campaign by going down by two goals before storming back to grab a point with a 2-2 draw, but should they have gotten the full 3 points? A missed handball in the box against NYCFC that was later reviewed by VAR, never went the Lion's way.

UCF traveled to #8 Houston searching for a marquee win to cement their spot in the NCAA tournament. UCF's 69-64 point win is now recognized as arguably the biggest win in school history.

The Magic were also on the road this weekend and went 1-1. The record isn't surprising but who the wins and losses are coming to, does remain perplexing. A win over Indiana and a loss to Cleveland has fans wondering why this team is so inconsistent.

The NFL wheels are turning with the combine underway. The Jacksonville Jaguars have made some noise locally by turning their attention of the QB position to free agency and reportedly planning to sign Nick Foles.

Of these stories, which do you think was the weekend's most significant?

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