Daily Poll: Where should the Pro Bowl be held next year?

If capacity @ Camping World Stadium is 65,000, we fell short of packing the place by at least 10-20,000. Thanks in large part to a 2nd straight year of less than ideal weather. Cold rain doesn't exactly bring the masses out to a stadium to watch a glorified exhibition game. 

With all of that said, Orlando was again a great host to the events that surround the game. The Pro Bowl is very kid friendly, they do a ton of stuff leading up to the game itself, that in many ways, is more important than the Pro Bowl contest. 

So, what should the NFL do moving forward? Bianchi predicts this was the last year for Orlando as the host. (Read more here)

(A) Stay here, it won't rain every year! 

(B) Move it back to Hawaii where it never rains 

(C) Just put it at the site of the Super Bowl to extend Super Bowl week 

(D) LA...because, the NFL loves LA.

Vote below! 

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