Should the City of New Orleans claim a Super Bowl title?

The Saints got screwed by that blatant no-call at the end of the game on Sunday during the NFC Championship game, we can all agree on that. Saints fans and the City of New Orleans is, of course, more devastated by this than anyone else. I, for one, contend that the Saints had plenty of opportunities to win the game after the fact. Get a stop on defense, block a kick, don't throw an interception in overtime...countless opportunities after they were up by 3 with 1:41 left to play. But, not everyone sees it that way. 

The City of New Orleans feels like they've been cheated, they feel like they've been wrong, that maybe something nefarious is going on. 

Remind you of anyone? 

The fine rajun cajuns of Louisiana just want a system of officials to be fair, they want the calls to be equitable, and they want what they deserve! 

Sound familiar? 

Now maybe to some of you, this is a stretch, and if so, then fine, I'm not talking to you -- because you are not the dreamers in this equation! I'm talking about those creative minds, willing to step outside of the box, and no conform to the norms that we are told we must fit in to and accept...Just look @ the video below. Did Bianchi and I (and 96.9 The Game) take UCF not playing for a CFB Playoff lying down? Or did we rise up and claim that title for UCF, the same way AD Danny White did? 

That's exactly what we did, and the City of New Orleans ought to do the same. 

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