Daily Poll: Do you care if the Pro Bowl returns to Orlando?

We had a Pro Bowl executive on our show last week and when we asked him if the Pro Bowl would be returning to Orlando next year, his quote was essentially "we'll see". It was his way of saying, 'we're waiting to make up our (NFL) mind until we see how this city comes out to support the event. Clearly they liked it enough to bring it back for a 2nd year, but what about a 3rd, and what about extending their stay even longer? Will we support that? Do you care? 

That is what we want to know on today's Thought-Provoking Daily Poll! 

I've attached that interview below as well. 

Also, check out the photos from our Pro Bowl Swag van hits around the city, and come and join me for your chance to win tix to the Pro Bowl on Saturday, January 26th from Noon-12p @ the Publix on Vineland Road in Windermere. More info here

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