"If Brady wins SB 53, he should retire at the podium" - @BrandonKravitz

It was some 17 years ago, Tom Brady burst onto the scene and led his Patriots 2001-2002 squad to Super Bowl 36. He's put together the greatest collection of accomplishments we've ever seen at the QB position, whether you like him or not, that fact is hard to deny. The beautiful irony of that first Super Bowl for Brady is that it was against the same team he'll face this year (some 8 SB appearances ago). 

I contend that it would be the greatest "ride off into the sunset" moment in the history of football if Brady went into Atlanta, won his 6th Super Bowl title, facing the same team he won his first Super Bowl against, and while holding the Lombardi trophy said -- "I'm out!" 

I mean Jerome Bettis was great, doing it in his home city of Detroit, but his best days were behind him. Peyton Manning did it, but they had to drag his limp carcass to the finish line in Denver. John Elway is probably as good as it gets right now...But wouldn't this top that and then some? Brady is still at the top of his game, he's already the GOAT, and this would just cement that fact even further. 

Something to ponder about today. 

- @BrandonKravitz

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