Daily Poll: What is your ideal Super Bowl LIII matchup?

The Super Bowl is a beautiful day in America, it's become so big, even non-football fans enjoy the festivities. But, chances are, if you clicked on this post, as one of our loyal listeners, you are not one of those fringe fans who doesn't really care who's playing. You've probably thought about it, at least 17 times over the last week, if I know our audience. You will sit back on Sunday, and assuming you don't already cheer for one these 4 teams, you'll have an idea in mind of who you'd like to see play while your house fills up with wings, beer, and non-traditional football fans on February 3rd. 

You'll either want the young gun hot-shot Patrick Mahomes on the biggest stage, or maybe you're just sick of Brady. Or, maybe you're like me, you want to see Brady in the big game just one more time. Maybe you want to see the super team in LA get back to the dance, or maybe America's darling Drew Brees and the boys in the Bayou. 

So, what'll it be? Let us know, so Mike and I can yell at each other about it. 

Vote below! 

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