Podcast: @TomLoy247 says he thinks Wimbush will win starting job @ UCF

Is UCF now on the radar with national recruits due to their recent success? Was Brandon Wimbush guaranteed the starting job at UCF? Tom Loy from 247Sports.com joins the show to answer these questions and more. Plus, an Open Mike first!

Tom Loy says: 

"I don't think Wimbush was guaranteed a starting job @ UCF, but I do think he's confident in his ability, and that he'll win the job." 

"The last couple years have helped UCF on the recruiting trail, but there are still skeptics and a lot of negative recruiting goes on against UCF"

"I can't say enough good things about (Wimbush), he's a really smart kid, who's going to be successful at whatever he does"  

Listen to the FULL interview below! 

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