Daily Poll: Who will be UCF's starting QB next season?

Most universities in the country wish they could have the problem that faces UCF, a log jam at QB. After the news that broke yesterday, it became much more unclear what the Knights are going to do going into next season @ the QB position. The assumption was Darriel Mack Jr. would be the starter, with potentially a minor push from the new hot-shot Hawaiin recruit Dillon Gabriel. But, the news yesterday changes the entire dynamic...

Ex-Notre Dame starting QB Brandon Wimbush announced yesterday on his Instagram account that he'd be transferring to UCF. Not Penn State, Michigan, or some other Power 5, but UCF. Huge news for the university to land a player of his caliber/hype. Conventional wisdom would lead you to believe that he was promised a starting job when he walked on to campus, but anyone who knows Josh Heupel has to also know, that's not exactly his style. Heupel doesn't go around handing out jobs...you have to earn it. 

So, how do you see this one playing out? Tell us what you think, vote below, and watch our variety of hype videos! 

The newcomer?

Return of the Mack?

The Bluechip Hawaiian prospect?

Long road ahead for Milton...

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