Is Varsity Blues the greatest football movie ever?

Whipped cream bikinis, Lance's ride to Florida State, Billy Bob, Bacon, and I don't want your life are 20 years old today....20 years old! One of the ... nah the greatest football movie ever came out two decades ago.  20 years ago Lance Harbor went down and lost his ride to Florida State.

20 years ago James Vann Der Beek, Paul Walker(RIP), and Scott Caan  Kicked Bud Kilmer out of the locker room.

Mox gave us TWO of the greatest speeches in a movie ever.

Oh yeah, and Ali Larter gave us the whipped cream Bikini.

Hook and Ladders, beer can football,so many quotes, stripping teachers, gee, heck, and countless other legendary scenes make this without a shadow of a doubt the best football movie ever.

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