Daily Poll: Will the Magic be playing playoff relevant games in Feb.?

The Magic are entering the mid-way point in year 7 of the rebuild, and this season has already had it's ups and downs. The Magic were playing .500 basketball a month and a half into the season, and even grabbed some big wins over teams like the Lakers, Spurs, Celtics, and 76ers. However, in the last 11 games or so, it's looked a lot like "back to life, back to reality" for the Magic. They've dropped 8 of the last 11 games and six of them have been double-digit blowouts. 

Currently, the Magic are in the 10 spot in the East, right behind teams like Miami, Brooklyn, Charlotte, and Detroit. And right in front of teams like the Wizards, Hawks, Bulls, Knicks, and Cavs. This Orlando team is likely not going to fall below those squads, but can they keep pace with the ones above them? 

We are DYING for some playoff relevant basketball games beyond the All-Star break, we haven't had it in 7 years, and this show has only been on the air for 8. The question is, will we finally get it? Or is this latest swoon a sign of things to come? 

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