Daily Poll: Why the lack of interest in the National Championship?

If you talk to anyone who isn't a fan of Bama or Clemson, they'll probably tell you they're tired of watching Bama vs Clemson duke it out for the National Championship. But, is that a strong enough reason to drive down ratings and the price of tickets to the game itself? 

Darren Rovell from ESPN (financial analyst) tweets that you will be able to find tickets to the game for about $100 bucks, which is crazy for a National Championship game. Usually, you need to drop close to $500 just to get a seat up in the nosebleeds to an event of that magnitude. Part of the reason may be travel, but it could also be a lack of interest in the game. 

Ratings were down a whopping 25% for the CFB Playoff semifinal games as well, leading me to think even more that there's a lack of interest. Some believe the ratings drop occurred because the games were moved from New Year's Day and were instead played on Dec. 29th, but still, 25% seems like a pretty steep drop. 

So, we'll leave it up to you, why do you think the ratings are down and ticket sales are plummeting? Is there a prevailing reason or is it all just FAKE NEWS! Vote below... 

Rovell says...

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