Daily Poll: Bucs? Jags? Dolphins? --- Who is the most dysfunctional?

3 whole NFL teams reside in this state, an honor, and privilege most states can only dream of...

Except our teams are largely dysfunctional and have been for the better part of a decade. What we want to know is, who puts the D in dysfunction? Certainly, all 3 make a pretty good case with the current events surrounding each organization. I'll explain...

Dolphins: The Phins will be onto their 11th coach since Don Shula (1995) when they hire a new one, after firing Adam Gase on Black Monday. Reports from within the organization say the players didn't trust Gase's decision making. Stephen Ross, Dolphins owner, can also be seen/heard below saying we're not going to settle for mediocrity. A little late to that party, bud.

Bucs: The Buccos fired Dirk Koetter but chose to hang on to GM Jason Licht who then uttered this doozy of a statement ahead of hiring a new HC -- "I saw him (Jameis) bounce back at the end of the year and play very, very good in my eyes and a lot people’s eyes for the condition that he was in. We have a lot of faith in him.” He goes on to say that whoever gets hired, will have him as their QB...Like it or not! Okay, I added that last part.

Jags: Tom Coughlin chose to run counter to what his compadres in the state did, and he actually retained his HC and GM, despite delivering one of the most disappointing seasons in the NFL this year. To make matter even more dysfunctional, Coughlin voided guarantees in Leonard Fournette's contract, and Jalen Ramsey is on the team...so that last one has to count for something. 

Vote below! - @BrandonKravitz

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