Daily Poll: What do you think should become of the CFB Playoff?

Let's face it, the CFB Playoff games were straight up awful on Saturday. Bama let OU sneak back into things a little bit and only wound up losing by 11, but it was never a game. Clemson routed Notre Dame by 27. It just wasn't pretty. Then, in a very anti-climatic way there were 11 bowl games played after the fact. 3 of which were mega matchups between Georgia/Texas, UCF/LSU, and Ohio State/Washington. All of which felt like consolations to the title contenders. 

With 4 teams allowed in the dance, pretty much every team playing yesterday was disappointed in what their season turned out to be, rather than reveling in the opportunity to play in a major bowl game. Not everyone felt that way of course, but enough did, and the fans probably did as well. That's why we were watching stadiums with pockets of empty seats yesterday.  

Even the CFB Playoff itself is seeing the effects of a product/system that might not be working. Last year’s first college football playoff game had 26.8 million viewers. This year’s first game had 16.8 million viewers. Second playoff game last year had 21.1 million. This year it had 19.1 million. To further that point, Darren Rovell tweeted out: "Unprecedented low market for national championship game (Bama-Clemson). There are currently 210 tickets on StubHub to the game selling for under $400." 

Why the drop-off? Are we tired of Bama and Clemson? Or do we just not need these games as bad as we thought we did? All I could think this weekend is how diluted this how bowl process feels to me. I'm not sure where they go from here, but I can tell you this if ratings are dropping with 4 teams involved, and players are sitting out of/not caring about the other big bowl games now...An expansion is a distant dream my friends, and maybe that's for the best. 

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