Limitless Daily Poll: What should White claim if UCF defeats LSU?

It was just one short year ago when the AD for UCF, Danny White watched his Knights take down the Tigers of Auburn at the Peach Bowl, he would then proclaim into a TV camera "National Champs!" --- And it was off to the races from there! That became the biggest talking point in the college football world for the better part of the next year. Whether people hated it, ridiculed it, or supported it...people were talking about it. 

Flash forward to this year, UCF is again undefeated and is again taking on an SEC "Tiger" in the NY6. This time it's LSU in the Fiesta. I've been wondering this all year long and now we potentially get to see how it will play out...

Will Danny White claim another National Championship if UCF wins? 

Argument for yes: UCF is again undefeated and didn't get a chance to prove they were championship material by the committee, so screw it, they're National Champs. 

Argument for no: Last year was a little different because UCF was the only undefeated team in the country and Auburn had previously defeated both teams in the CFB Playoff championship (Georgia & Bama). 

But, even if he doesn't claim a national championship, what should he claim? 

Think about it, and vote below! 

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