Limitless Daily Poll: Which of UCF's 23 wins has been the most monumental?


To me, it's obvious, but I'm interested to see how much recency bias comes into play here. UCF's win over Cincinnati was huge, there's no question, but some are shining a light on it as if it's the biggest win this program has seen since it began its 23 game win streak. Not only do I say no, I say absolutely not. 

College Gameday coming to town (as someone who witnessed it first hand) was one of the coolest experiences I've ever been a part of. But, when it comes to UCF wins over the last 23, it ranks 4th for me on the list of importance. Here are the games I'd rank above UCF's win over Cincinnati: 

  1. UCF's conference title win over Memphis last year. The Knights won 62-55 in OT and Memphis gave them everything they had. Plus, we as an audience, found out about the departure of head coach Scott Frost in the middle of the game, so you know that was looming over the player's heads. 
  2. UCF's win under the lights on Black Friday. With another national spotlight on UCF, they and their rival put on a show. Many called it the game of the year, and UCF had that primetime spot all to themselves. Celebrities like Dale Jr. were tweeting about the 49-42 barn burner on UCF's campus. 
  3. UCF's Peach Bowl win over Auburn. I mean, come on...that's the biggest win in program history. 

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Players and coaches talk after the game...

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