Limitless Daily Poll: Should the Magic look @ Melo?


Here's the common thought around league circles: Carmelo Anthony may have played his last game as a member of the Houston Rockets. Or maybe not. Who knows? Either way, the Carmelo Experiment in Houston hasn’t gone according to plan over the first month of the season.

It looks as though his time in Houston is up just 13 games into an 82 game regular season. He hasn't played the last couple games, and when he has played, his usage rate is down to a career-low 20.5%. 

What we want to know is, should the Magic take a look at this falling star? The Magic haven't had a marquee attraction in years, they could certainly use some help shooting (currently 25th in the league in shooting % and 27th in PPG), and maybe just maybe - Melo needs to go to a team where he feels needed in some regard. This experiment where he plays alongside other superstars is clearly not working out. 

But, we want YOUR opinion on this. Whatcha think Orlando/Jax? Vote below! 

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