Limitless Daily Poll: College Gameday's Coming to UCF


It seems like UCF Nation at large and ESPN have been at odds for the better part of a year, the elitist media @ ESPN wants to pat UCF on the head for a job well done, while UCF fans (and others) want this program to get the respect and credit they feel like they deserve. The rivalry has intensified to the point where guys like Paul Finebaum, Kirk Herbstreit, and even "The Bear" seem to take personal shots @ the UCF program, rather than analyzing them from an unbias viewpoint like they would for any other team. 

That attitude has rubbed a lot of fans, alumni, and members of the program the wrong way. If you recall, Kirk Herbstreit went on the air a couple weeks ago and said teams like  Fresno State, Appalachian State, and Utah State were “more deserving” than UCF. UCF AD Danny White, in turn, penned a letter to the Gameday crew offering a rebuke. 

However, all might be forgiven and forgotten with the latest news that College Gameday is coming to UCF for the first time ever. Does this "bury the hatchet" between UCF Nation and ESPN's CFB elitists? 

Vote below! 


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