The MVP of the NBA Has Already Been Determined

In the sports world, the MVP can go to a player for any number of reasons – whether he is the best player on the best team or has the most eye-popping statistics or maybe he’s just a fan favorite (see Dale Earnhardt Jr.)

In reality, there should be only one way to determine who is the MVP, and that’s how important an athlete is to his team .For this reason, I will tell you that the MVP of the NBA has already been determined. While he may not play in Cleveland anymore, LeBron James should be named MVP because of how poorly the season has started for the pathetic Cavaliers.

Right now the Cavaliers sit at a dismal 1-9 and have already fired their head coach, Tyronn Lue. Lue, the coach who lead them to four straight NBA Finals appearances and winning one, couldn't make it two weeks into the season without James.

Yes, the Cavs have dealt with some injuries, but what team, in any sport, has gone from four straight championship games to bottom dwellers vying for a No. 1 pick with the snap of a finger. It just doesn’t happen.

LeBron has had to start the season with a new team four times in his career and the only time he has had any success to start the season is when he returned to Cleveland after making four straight Finals appearances with the Heat.

Overall, LeBron has made eight straight NBA Finals appearances and he really hasn’t had the greatest talent in the world to work with. He’s off to a 4-6 start with the Lakers and again, he doesn’t have the greatest supporting cast or even a good coach. But you know and I know he will do what he always does: Takes a lottery team and turn them into playoff contenders.

He will not win the Finals and probably won’t even make it that far, but the impact his mere presence will have on the Lakers and his absence will have on the Cavaliers should be more than enough to crown King James as the NBA’s MVP.

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