Podcast: The Jags and Dolphins have very little maneuverability - @Spotrac

Sports financial guru Mike Ginnitti joins the show to break down the details of Blake Bortles, Ryan Tannehill, and Jameis Winston’s cap maneuverability on their respective teams.

Per @spotrac: If the Phins want to move on from Tannehill it'll cost them 13.5 million $ in dead cap, if the Jags want to move on from Bortles it'll cost them somewhere btw 10-16 million (dependent on if he signs somewhere else). The league avg for a team's dead cap is 16.4 mil.

Translation: The Jags and Dolphins are stuck with what they have or are going to be at an incredible financial disadvantage going into next season. Listen for more below, and visit Spotrac.com for a detailed look at these cap situations. 



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