Limitless Daily Poll: What does UCF's #12 ranking say?


When the ranking came down last night on ESPN, it almost felt like they were giving UCF a little pat on the head. "Hey look fella, you're ranked higher than you were a year ago at this time"...The AP had UCF all the way up to 9, yet the committee ranked them 3 spots lower, and behind a 2-loss Florida team. What does that tell you about the way the committee feels about UCF? 

Either UCF has A) No shot to get in based on the committees ranking, I mean, a two-loss team has already jumped them. That's a bad sign. B) UCF has an outside shot to get in, and the committee is just taking a wait and see approach since UCF's toughest games are ahead on their schedule...or C) They told us nothing. Isn't it ironic that this is the exact same ranking UCF had right before they beat Auburn in the Peach Bowl? 

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