Limitless Daily Poll: What should the Bucs do with Jameis Winston?


Unlike Limitless Men's Options Clinic...the Bucs options are not limitless   . They have 4 options really: Trade him, deactivate him, leave him as their backup to Fitzmagic, or give him another shot as a starter a week from now. 

The Bucs came out yesterday and said they're going with Ryan Fitzpatrick as their starter in Carolina this coming Sunday. But that still leaves the Jameis conundrum in question. Given the nature of his contract, if Winston were to get hurt and couldn't pass a physical by the start of the 2019 league year (early March), he'd be guaranteed 21 million dollars and that would count against the Bucs cap. 

Tough choice...or is it? You tell us, vote on the Thought-Provoking Daily Poll! 

Buccaneers Jameis Winston

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