Limitless Daily Poll: Whose performance was the most pathetic?

Worst of the weekend

There must've been something in the water here in Florida leading into this weekend. The football that the teams in this state played was downright putrid. From Gators, to the Noles, to the Bucs, and all the way across the pond to the Jags...(Don't think we forgot about you Dolphins). Even the undefeated USF Bulls were a joke this weekend, though they didn't make the poll of 4. Here's who did...

Jaguars- For once this is not on Blake, problem is, no one else came to play. The Jags dominated the headlines the night before because 4 players got arrested after leaving a ($60,000) bar tab unpaid. 

Gators/Franks- Florida may have beaten Georgia if they had a real QB. Feleipe Franks was awful against the Bulldogs. To put it mildly, he looked like Blake Bortles on a bad day. 

FSU- The didn't even bother to show up against Clemson who hung 59 on 'em @ Doak. 

Bucs/Jameis- Jameis Winston turned the ball over 4 times, got benched, and Fitzmagic almost led the Bucs back to victory...except their defense sucks almost as bad as Jameis did. 

That's the short version, for the extended explanation, listen to the Daily Poll segments @ 630am and 830am on Open Mike! Vote below... 

Let's also not forget about this...

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