Limitless Daily Poll: What are the @Jaguars?


Last year, we knew exactly what the Jags were, early on. The Jags were a dominant defensive team that could run the ball really well with their rookie, Leonard Fournette. This year, through 6 games, it's more unclear than Jags fans would like. Fournette hasn't played much due to his hamstring injury, Blake Bortles has attempted 237 throws on the year already (good enough for 6th in the NFL), and the defense has surrendered 21 points per game (only 9th best in the NFL), and their last 2 games they've given up 70 points. 

The Jags certainly aren't playing like the team that got to the AFC Title game back in January. Current power rankings list Jacksonville @ the 11th best team in the NFL. Question is, where do you slot them in? 

Vote on the poll below and listen to today's poll segments @ 6:30am and 8:15am! 

Denver Broncos v Jacksonville Jaguars

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