Limitless Daily Poll: How did UCF not move up in the polls?


What a weekend in college football. Not only did UCF find a way to win despite falling behind by 16 at the end of the first half, on the road, while playing against the nation's top rusher (Darrell Henderson), but we saw some other top 10 teams struggle. In fact, #2 Georgia lost to LSU, ND barely squeaked by Pitt, #6 West Virginia lost to unranked Iowa State, #7 Washington lost to Oregon, #9 Texas barely beat Baylor, and #8 Penn State lost to unranked Michigan State. 

I know what you're thinking...Man, I bet UCF moved way up in the polls after all of that madness! Well, you would be wrong. Not only did they not move up, they essentially moved back. Follow me here, UCF went into the weekend ranked 10th, won a close game against a conference foe, while 4 teams in front of them lost, and then were jumped in the polls by a team that didn't even play (Oklahoma). It may look like they didn't move, but really, they moved back. 

The question we ask you is, why? 

We'll share our thoughts during our poll segments @ 6:30am and 8:30am, for now, let your voice be heard by voting on the poll below! 

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