Limitless Daily Poll: Are ACC referees corrupt or inept?


Are ACC refs dumb or corrupt? That is the question. It's a question ACC football fans have asked themselves for years and it's certainly a question FSU fans are asking themselves right now, after Saturday's debacle. The photo below shows the play in question. FSU QB Deondre Francois tossed the ball over to his wide receiver (who played a little QB in high school) and that receiver rifled the ball downfield for a TD. The refs called Francois for an illegal forward pass, play called back. That's fine if that's the call, as you can see in the photo below, it could kind of go either way. 

The question FSU head coach wants to know is, why didn't they at least review that? 

The question we want to be answered is the one at the top of this blog...are they corrupt or just bad at their jobs? 



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