Limitless Daily Poll: If you could only watch ONE this weekend...


I can already hear the UCF fans screaming at me, WHY AREN'T WE ON THE POLL! Very simple, and it has nothing to do with UCF, it has everything to do with how unimpressive SMU is this year. And sure, the same argument could be made for FSU going up against Miami, but at least there's a long-standing rivalry built into that one. 

The other two games on the poll speak for themselves. The Gators have found their groove ever since losing to Kentucky (which doesn't look all that bad all the sudden) and they face off against conference rival LSU in Gainesville. It's #5 vs #22 and LSU is only favored by 2.5, so the wise guys think it'll be close. 

The Chiefs are right there with the Rams as the two most potent offenses in the NFL, so what happens when they run into Sacksonville? That mega-matchup highlights your NFL Sunday. 

So we ask the question...If you could only watch one, which would you choose? 

Vote below! 

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