Limitless Daily Poll: 1st Impressions of the Orlando Magic...


Well, well, well, my first Magic game is in the books as the ALL-NEW Pregame, Halftime, and Post-Game host. Not too awful from what I hear on the first time out, but, enough about me - let's talk about the Magic. Today's poll question begs the question of your initial response after watching the game on NBA TV, listening on 96.9 (cheap plug), or catching up with the highlights below. 

Bamba held his own against Joel Embiid given it was his first time on an NBA court, and he was going up against one of the league's best big men. Aaron Gordon did his usual, highlight plays, along with an ill-advised shot here and there. Vuc's new nickname should be Captain Consistency, the guy just shows up to work and does his thing, so quietly an unassuming, he had 20 points on the night. Then, the big news came when Magic 2nd-year player Jonathan Isaac sprained his ankle in the first half. He's out for an unknown amount of time. 

Which of these stories left a lasting impression on you the first night out? And no, you can't vote on my dynamic performance on the pregame show, though I'd like to thank you in advance for trying. VOTE BELOW! 

- @BrandonKravitz

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