The Bridge: “Bill Hancock is the Head Propogandist” - @Bianchiwrites

The Bridge: “Bill Hancock is the head propogandist” - @Bianchiwrites

Mike Bianchi and Marc Daniels on The Bridge discuss the difference between Clemson and UCF when it comes to their “strength of schedule” and the lack of consistency from the Chairman of the College Football Playoff committee, Bill Hancock.

Other topics on The Bridge:

* The Turnover Chain is back!

* Bianchi complains about his fantasy football team, as he’s down 123-0 after Thursday night.

* Marc has an interesting theory on the success of Rams QB Jared Goff

* UCF vs Pitt preview!

You can catch The Bridge every weekday @ 8:50am as Open Mike ends and The Beat of Sports (9am-Noon) begins

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