Limitless Daily Poll: Who is the Gators biggest football rival?


This is a debate that Gators fans have had amongst themselves for years, and really no one is wrong when they claim the biggest rival for Florida is either Tennessee, Georgia, or Florida State. They play each of these teams every year, 2 of the 3 are within the Gators division, and the 3rd lies within the same state. The Gators have had monumental match-ups with each of these 3 teams over the years (not so much in the last couple), so again, any answer is a good answer...

But, the question is, IDEALLY - Who should be the Gators biggest rival? In reality, the answer to the question: Who is their biggest rival? Ebs and flows based on who's good and how good the Gators are themselves. But, in a vacuum, who do Gators fans want to beat the most each and every year, all things being equal? 

That is the genesis of our Thought-Provoking Daily Poll. Vote below!

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