The Bridge: Bianchi, Daniels, & O’Neill w/ a heated debate about a glitch

The Bridge: Bianchi, Daniels, and O’Neil with a heated debate about a Fan Duel glitch

Jerry O’Neill joins Mike Bianchi and Marc Daniels on The Bridge and immediately get into a HEATED debate about a computer glitch that won a Fan Duel bettor $82,000. Plus, a discussion on which in state QB is most likely to revert to their original selves.

Other topics on The Bridge:

·         Willie Taggart’s scorching hot seat

·         An ATM moral dilemma

·         Why do coaches not get the time they used to in college football and how much power do boosters have?

You can catch The Bridge every weekday @ 8:50am as Open Mike ends and The Beat of Sports (9am-Noon) begins. 

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