Limitless Daily Poll: Who deserves more blame - Fisher or Taggart?


Florida State is 1-2 and it doesn't look like it's getting better there anytime soon. The Noles are coming off a 30-7 loss to Syracuse, where they were absolutely dominated, and it has FSU fans in a state of panic and disarray. The question is...

Who do you blame? 

Many will blame Willie Taggart, who comes in with his sub .500 coaching record, overly positive attitude, and style of offense that doesn't really fit with his personnel. While others will blame Jimbo Fisher, who could only win 7 games with this team a year ago and is the coach that recruited the players that you see out there on Saturday's. 

Chime in and tell us what you think the real problem is, and who YOU think deserves a majority share of the blame in Tallahassee. Vote below! 

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