Limitless Daily Poll: Is this the most highly anticipated Jags game ever?


The Jaguars have had many highly anticipated home games in their 23-year history, but the one this coming Sunday @ 4:25 has to rank right up there. The Jags lost a heartbreaker in last year's AFC Title game to the New England Patriots (24-20 the final) and this is their opportunity to get revenge. 

Below, we have a poll for you, asking the question: Is this the most highly anticipated home game in the short history of the Jacksonville Jaguars? Before you vote, look @ what our Jags correspondent Gene Frenette put together as some of the biggest home games in Jacksonville's history, and see where this Sunday's game stacks up. 

1. Jaguars-Houston Oilers, September 3, 1995

2. Jaguars-Tennesse Titans, January 23, 2000 AFC Championship

3. Jaguars-Miami Dolphins, January 15, 2000 AFC Divisonal Playoff

4. Jaguars-Buffalo Bills, January 7, 2018 AFC Wild Card Playoff

5. Jaguars-New England Patriots, January 3, 1999 Wild Card Playoff

6. Jaguars-Steelers, September 22, 1997

7. Jaguars-Atlanta Falcons, December 22, 1996

8. Jaguars-Steelers, October 5, 2008

9. Jaguars-Oakland Raiders, December 12, 2010

10. Jaguars-Denver Broncos, December 13, 1999

11. Jaguars-Dolphins, October 12, 1998

12. Jaguars-Indianapolis Colts, December 11, 2005

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